Status updates
Week 10

This is the status update for stc (opens in a new tab), the new TypeScript type checker written in Rust.



Stats {
    required_error: 4291 => 4248,
    matched_error: 5814 => 5826,
    extra_error: 1118 => 929,
    panic: 29 => 20,

This is the diff for the commit used for previous status update (opens in a new tab) and the last commit on 1/22 (opens in a new tab). We changed the way we count the number of errors to make it represent the actual progress more closely.



There were lots of Contributions this week. Thank you!

Noticable changes

builtin update (#528 (opens in a new tab))

We updated the builtin types to the latest version.

csstype (#521 (opens in a new tab))

stc now can process csstype package without a false positive.