Status updates
Week 16

This is the status update for stc (opens in a new tab), the new TypeScript type checker written in Rust.



Stats {
    Matched: 6023 => 6135,
    Bad (required): 3788 => 3866,
    Bad (excess): 1105 => 867,
    Bad (panic): 100 => 105,

This is the diff for the commit used for previous status update (opens in a new tab) and the last commit on 3/5 (opens in a new tab).

Noticable changes

Test suite update (#785 (opens in a new tab))

We update the test suite to the latest version, and that's why all numbers in the stats got bigger.

Lots of refactoring

We did lots of refactoring this week, to make the further development easier.



There were lots of contributors. Thank you!