Roadmap to the alpha

(*) in title means it's subject to change.


A new language server

This is the primary goal, and once this is ready, the alpha will be released.

For this,

  • the inference of types should be correct
  • there should be no false-positive errors
  • typings should be loaded correctly

Only isolatedModules: true

Ref: (opens in a new tab)

This is required for proper parallelization. const enums are fine if they are imported using module syntax, but TypeScript namespaces cannot be analyzed in parallel.

(*) A compiler for typings

  • This is subject to change.

Many typing packages, including @types/node, cannot be analyzed in parallel because they use namespace and globals. So we can use only one thread for each typing package. But actually, this operation is easily cachable, and I expect the effect of caching to be significant. So I think it's worth it to provide a pre-compile API for typing packages.

Last updated on January 17, 2023