Status updates
Week 19

This is the status update for stc (opens in a new tab), the new TypeScript type checker written in Rust.



Stats {
    Matched: 6248 => 6295,
    Bad (required): 3753 => 3739,
    Bad (excess): 703 => 820,
    Bad (panic): 105 => 107,

This is the diff for the commit used for previous status update (opens in a new tab) and the last commit on 3/26 (opens in a new tab).

Stats regressed because we updated SWC and now the tests for auto-accoessors are marked as extra errors (Unimplemented).

Noticable changes

SWC update (#846 (opens in a new tab))

The previous version of SWC did not support auto-accoessors, but we updated SWC to the latest at the time of authoring PR and now it's parsed.



Thank you all!